Newcomer iron law, grievance is a blessing!

Newcomer iron law, grievance is a blessing!


Would you like to do “private things” for your old employees?

  Appearance: Yan Hui, female, 26-year-old Supporting role: The old employee in the opposite “grid room” aggrieved: We are divided equally, why should I help you do “private work”?

  After coming to the company for a month, Yan Hui finally knew the temper of the person in the opposite cell, and usually seemed to be “intimate” with you, but after “intimacy” began to point out: “I am on duty today, Yan Hui youThis black suit looks good and is stain-resistant. Can you help me clean the meeting room?

“It’s kind, or it’s just a simple order:” Yan Hui, print this document for me! ”

After receiving a thick pile of statements, hesitating, “The Grid” urged again: “Hurry up, it will be used in the next meeting!”

“Yan Hui was so angry that she couldn’t say anything. Why, I don’t need to prepare my own materials when I join in?”

  Worst response: 1.

The old employee assigned you, and you went back in person: “I am your colleague, not your personal secretary!

“” Who do you think you are? ”

Shall we go to the boss to judge?


If I’m idle, help her do some private work. If I’m busy, I put MP3 in my ear, pretend not to hear, or put oil on my feet, so I can’t hide her!

  The direct consequence is: the boss must call the “grid room” to beat it, but she hates you from then on, and criticizes you whenever possible. The impression to the boss and colleagues is that although the “grid room” depends on the old and sells the old, butThe shelf of your newcomer is not small either!

  She trimmed your little tricks, and naturally it ‘s hard to say anything in person, but you see, in three days, a unified evaluation of you will be formed in the office-I did n’t expect a newcomer to learn to play Tai Chi and play ball.

Maybe you can’t wait for the “future”, this evaluation can be included in the boss’s ears, in serious cases you may be declined!

  The best response: 1.

Do the work she assigned you. Don’t feel aggrieved, it should be part of the job.


Learn to include this in your plan and be ready to respond to unexpected requests.

  The direct consequence is: they all know how to “reward peaches”. You are busy for her and it is easier for her to laugh at herself than to leave.

She will keep all of this in mind and make a reasonable return when appropriate.

  She gradually trusts you gradually, from assigning you to “private work” to assigning you to do some important work, and virtually establish your superiority and prestige in your work.

  Tips from disasters to blessings: Improving your ability to work You can learn how to do things wisely, and avoid this kind of misunderstanding.

  Because “accidents” happen at any time, you have to learn how to reset the work in the shortest time and cultivate a capable work style.

  In the process of being sent to “combine”, you can become familiar with the company’s work operation and connection as soon as possible. Maybe one day, people in all departments will think you are an irreplaceable substitute.


I accidentally turned into a “pumping bag” for old employees. Zhu Ge, female, 24-year-old supporting role: Ms. Hao, the oldest employee with the most qualifications in the department is aggrieved: can you take it for granted when you are qualified?

  Ms. Hao, 35, is the company’s oldest qualified employee and the most temperamental. As long as the work performance of this department is lagging, or a new plan is shot, or there is a problem with the job connection, she begins to scold.Naturally, she has the most “knife” bad luck, she or Ming Qin: If it wasn’t for Xiao Zhu you were busy chatting with your QQ netizens, our department’s progress would not be like this!

Or the dark arrow: Now the young people are really becoming more and more ridiculous. I think it is that they are falling in love and their IQs have fallen. Some people have cast their eyes on Zhu Ge who just had a boyfriend. The angry red cloud is already on her.With her face rising, how could she fight back?

  Worst response: 1.

It’s not easy to be ironic in person, after all, they are seniors, and just say a few words to me, and it’s not easy to take this to sue.


The fire behind is definitely indispensable. Take me out?

Be careful, I unite my colleagues in the united front-is it that you have been divorced and single for a long time?

If that’s the case, I will forgive you a lot!

  The direct consequences are: 1.

Every colleague who sympathizes with you will sympathize with you in front of you, and sympathize with you, and a few days later you will not lose sight of her words or even spread it to her ears.
At first, she may have no intentions, but she was so stunned. I did not expect that the new girl was so mean and hard to do at work. She also used my private life as a negotiation fund, but I will guard her in the future!

  The best response: 1.

Be silent next to the “knife” and immerse yourself in things, which can divert attention and eliminate feelings of grievance.


When things happen, you calmly ask her what she did wrong, and let her give some advice and guidance.

  The direct consequences are: 1.

She looks at you so solemnly, and she will reflect on herself, am I too much?

Be careful not to hurt your pride next time.


She saw that you were so “modest” and embarrassed to quit, she will point you in detail, and you will be very happy to knock her on the bamboo pole.

  Tips from misfortune to blessing: You can learn how to get along with colleagues in sports psychology.

The competition for work is so fierce, it is natural for the pressure to be decentralized, and her “decentralization” to you so quickly shows that she is a transparent and correct corrector. Such a colleague is better than “a set of face to face, a set of behind”People are better.

Mastering this characteristic of her, you can ask her work experience when she is happy, she must know everything and everything!

  This is a good time for cultural and psychological quality. When you learn to be calm, generous, and peaceful, you can become calm in the storm. Such employees are welcome by colleagues everywhere they go.


Why are the results of the old employees, and the responsibility is mine?

  Characters in the photo: Wang Bei, 25-year-old Supporting role: Chi Li, the oldest employee with the worst performance under the nickname “Late Shot” was wronged: She was criticized before. Since I came, the black pot is my back?

  Twice in a row, Wang Bei was frustrated by her partner Chi Li. She had long heard that her nickname was “Late Shooting”. No one in the company dared to partner with her. The cooperation task fell on Wang Bei.On the newcomer’s head, the two split in five or five, but each time the plan could not be delivered, Chi Li always had a lot of reasons at the meeting. We forgot to ask the model’s agent if there is a deadline, and we didn’t know about the venue that was rented.What is the cost of shooting . she actually uses “we”!

At that time, Wang Bei had done the demonstration and cost accounting. She did spot discovery and shooting!

But the CEO didn’t care how you divided your work, and naturally watched Wang Bei count down: “Our newcomer, doing things is procrastination, and is it procrastinating?

Chi Li didn’t say a word at this moment, and Wang Bei was so angry that she wanted to pour the ice water from her head onto her explosive head . Worst reaction: 1.

Say nothing to partner with her next time!

Strongly request a change, even if we tie our legs together!


Let go of this plan that will not allow me to eat, drink or sleep for 24 hours. Please come to the boss and all colleagues to be the audience and see who is responsible?

  The direct consequences are: 1.

Your boss will think that you are not well qualified, too much trouble, disobedience, or are you justified?


Xingshi tossed down, even though everyone understood the mistake of “a late shot”, but you do n’t know how to save, and you have to add fuel to the fire. Obviously, there is something wrong with your professionalism.

  The best response: 1.

Breathe deeply, go to the bathroom and wash your face with cold water, remind yourself not to be excited, and not to stay in the confrontational mood for too long.


Dedicated to accompany the “Late Shot” recovery plan. To avoid re-dependence and resentment once again, it is better to take the initiative to go to the supermarket near the company to buy enough fuel such as milk bread, and invite her to share.


The next few days before the submission of the plan, you will have to say hello to her and think of all possible accidents in advance.

  The direct consequences are: 1.

She sees that you don’t blame her to accompany her to recover, and she will remember this lesson from now on, and she will naturally have a heart for her next time.


Letting people see your dedicated back will replace the previous repeated impressions.
Your boss will know that you have misunderstood sooner or later. If he sees that you are still working hard in the case of misunderstanding, he will pay more attention to you if he doesn’t care about it.
  Tips from disasters to blessings: Cultivate leadership skills to improve your resilience, and let everyone know that you are a rare “fire hero”, which virtually enhances your reputation and position in the company.

  Cultivate your decision-making ability. When there are mistakes in your work, you are not thinking about responsibilities, but starting from the overall interests of the company, then everyone’s trust in you will be strengthened. Maybe someone is a good leader.