Nine kinds of situations wife easy red apricot out of the wall

Nine kinds of situations wife easy red apricot out of the wall

American psychologist and marriage expert Bonnie?


Dr Will selected three wives to investigate and test their loyalty to marriage.

They are 30-year-old Elin who has been married for 9 years at home with her husband, 4 years old, 29-year-old model Natasha and 29-year-old painter Tonya.

  All three wives said that they were loyal to their marriage and family and had never deceived their husbands.

However, after reviewing their lifestyle, experts agreed that housewife Elin, who was at home with her husband and son, was the most likely to “fail”.

Their theory is-“Women in a safe marriage are most likely to derail.”

  Maybe because-women in safe marriages are neglected due to crisis; women in safe marriages have higher degrees of freedom; women in safe marriages are more eager for storms . Safe marriages are fertile ground, which nourishes women and breeds happinessAt the same time, it also promotes women’s ambitious love ambitions.

  In the relationship between one another and another, why love is always filled with dissatisfaction and emptiness, and soon the wind and the storm surge.

The human heart is a bottomless pit. Most people are the same. What they like is just the face of love. There is no impulse behind someone who should not be loved and loved. It is you who are afraid to be lonely and desperate to add .Example of a wife who has been married for 3 or 7 years: My husband and I have been married for 7 years. If there is no emotional smuggling, I don’t know if our marriage can continue.

When I feel that my marriage life is about to stifle me, I will have a story, some of which are realistic and some are just platonic.

But every time “leaving” seemed to make me better return and stay with him.

  Analysis: The age of marriage determines to some extent the degree of emotional derailment.

The so-called three-year, seven-year itch is a precursor to “derailment.”

With the disappearance of romantic passion and the beginning of a tedious and tedious life, a woman born with this kind of affection will desire romantic passion like hypoxia. Some people call it “emotional letting go”. It seems that only in this way can a woman return to her familyEnjoy peace and affection.

  Example of 2 wives in a strong and weak family: Usually I am very busy at work and cannot take care of my family and children, so my husband becomes my good logistics.

Although I made more money than my husband, I didn’t look down on him at all. The family division of labor was different.

But because of work, I can often meet some successful men. They are really excellent. I often walk by the river to get wet shoes.

  Analysis: In families where women’s economy is relatively high, wives often have more freedom and initiative.

As their social life increases, so does the temptation, and such women are usually more attractive as the years increase, so the chances to spend more of their branches are more.

  3 Example of a wife beloved by her husband: I met several women. When they first met me, they made it clear that she had a husband who loved her and a happy family.

I believe what they say is true.

They say that one of them is to warn the other, don’t expect them to divorce you, and the other is “don’t destroy their family.”

I was puzzled at the beginning. Why should I have a better feeling to go outside to “roll green” (Cantonese men derailed called “roll red” and women called “roll green”)?

Later it became clear that women were emotionally insatiable.

Such women are usually good at things and won’t get tangled with you. It is safer to find emotional games for women in these happy marriages.

  Analysis: Husbands try their best to “stick to their wives” because of love, and this behavior often forms a centrifugal force that allows the wife to escape the meticulous care of her husband.

Love is blind, love her to indulge her indefinitely, and the result of indulgence may be to lose her.

Therefore, a man who loves his wife too should properly “hang” her, which is good for your marriage.

  4 Vigorous wife example: I am a woman with a strong vitality. The reason why I do not need strong sexual desire is because I not only have high requirements for sex, but also have high requirements for feelings.

Just like Zhou Yu in “Zhou Yu’s Train”, now I am running between Wuhan and Shanghai, between my lover and my husband. It is a kind of exhaustion, but also an explosion of passion.

  Analysis: There are different people, and some women are a man for a lifetime. They believe and abide by the only one that lasts forever.

But some women aren’t born to a man, so they keep blooming but not necessarily fruit.

  5 Wife without sexual satisfaction: When I realized that my husband was becoming less and less interested in bed sex, I thought about finding a sex partner.

  Analysis: Whether or not sexual life is coordinated is another touchstone for maintaining and guaranteeing fidelity in marriage.

Many marriages fail on “sex” because sex life is playing an increasingly important role in marital relationships.

  6 Example of a wife who just gave birth to a child: After I gave birth to my child and went back to work, I found that I had no mother-in-law at all, but was fuller and full of flavor.

Sure enough, the unit’s new Xiaoqi soon fell in love with me, and I saw it as a review of my charm.It makes me confident and happy.

  Analysis: Aboriginal women have been reborn.

Some women have since given their hearts to their children, without themselves.

And some women are suddenly bright-they are more prosperous because of fertility, feminine because of maternal orientation, and more glorious because of the inspiration of new life.

  7 Suddenly there are many examples of wives who have free time: my husband went to work in Australia for half a year, and I found that a lot of time could not be dispatched.

So I had an online dating and grew from online to offline.

I know he’s just an assimilation, but I have to do this to live a good day.

  Analysis: Women are more lonely than men.

It is just that in an affair, men desire a physical encounter, while women desire a spiritual encounter.

  8 Wife on a business trip: Because of work, I spend half of my year on business.

People are not plants, especially married women, and naturally have some physiological needs.

So, I have occasional encounters with clients or colleagues.

We all know we can’t take it seriously.

  Analysis: Going out with friends, revolution depends on consciousness.

  9 An example of my wife when she was mad: I had a quarrel with my husband that night. In a fit of anger, I called Zhang, who had been pursuing me in college.

That night I went to the room he opened.

Although I later regretted it, everything was irreversible.

Fortunately, my husband didn’t notice all this.

  Analysis: A woman is the easiest to run away with anger, and her revenge is often simple and pathetic-dedicate herself.

Therefore, when you and your wife are angry, don’t force her away, otherwise you will be her accomplice.