Cherry with peach.

Li Shizhen said: “Often eaten by birds, so named”.

The nucleus, roots and leaves are used medicinally.

  It is sweet, warm and non-toxic.

  Contains sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid, vitamins B, C, etc.

  Function tunes the spleen.

The nucleus is a transdermal drug for measles.

  [麻疹透发不快]  樱桃核9-15克,水煎服。Or cherry pits and gardeniae, add rice wine and hydration to fry, and spray the chest and neck while warm (do not use if the measles has been thoroughly penetrated).

  [蛔虫,蛲虫]  樱桃树根9-18克,水煎服  [蛇虫咬伤]  樱桃树叶捣汁,每次服半酒杯,并以渣敷于患部。