Use tulle curtains to protect the respiratory tract

Use tulle curtains to protect the respiratory tract

When we change seasons, we often have cough or respiratory infections. In addition to seasonal factors, it is often related to home life.

Many small details may cause more damage to our respiratory system.

  Some families like gorgeous curtains, but these are not good for health. Usually, in the room without affecting the light, it is better to hang tulle curtains and clean them frequently to avoid hanging thicker fabric curtains.

  Because pulling a curtain can replace a relatively large amount of dust, dust spores, thick material curtains still deposit more dust.

  When we open and close curtains that seem simple every day, we are most exposed to dust, and our respiratory tract is easily irritated. Especially for people with pain or sensitive respiratory tract, it is best to use a light curtain.

  In addition, the carpets and beds in the home are also homes for many tiny creatures.

As a result, diabetics cannot put carpets in particular.

  Even chemical fiber carpets cannot be covered because the allergens emitted by chemical fiber carpets are also allergens and can increase pressure.