Teeth food: cabbage, pear, tea, apple

Teeth food: cabbage, pear, tea, apple

Too many people have such a slogan-teeth have a good appetite.

In fact, the health of teeth also requires nourishment of food.

Wang Yuhua, chief expert of oral beauty at the Department of International Trade Clinic of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, has recommended four tooth-protection foods.

  Cabbage is a dental cleaner.

Cabbage contains a large amount of crude fiber, especially the cabbage. When you chew with a big mouth, it acts like a cleaner to help you clean your teeth.

Because the mechanical friction of the tooth surface with fibers can well remove the bacteria that adhere to the tooth surface.

  Yali can prevent teeth from turning yellow.

Yali’s water is very strong, plus a lot of fiber, it can help to wash the stains on the tooth surface and prevent the teeth from turning yellow.

Now it is the season when Yali is ripe, you may wish to eat one every day, which not only supplements nutrition, but also can beautify your teeth.

  Tea is a tooth protector.

When we eat acidic foods such as sweets and meat, our teeth are also invisible. At this time, they need the protection of alkaline foods. Basically, tea with alkaline substances can just do this.

Neutralize the acid on your teeth in time to prevent tooth decalcification.

Especially green tea, which contains fluoride, also strengthens the teeth.

  Apple is a favorite of gums.

Gum is the “soil” for the growth of teeth, and the teeth are healthy only when the gums are healthy.

Apple is called “almighty fruit”, it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, all nutrients needed to prevent gum disease.

Vitamin C, in particular, not only nourishes the gums, but also erodes the mouth ulcers on top of your dry autumn.