Psychological analysis of unreasonable lovers

Psychological analysis of unreasonable lovers

People say that when they fall in love, they are the happiest, because at the beginning of the two, there will not be many contradictions in reality, and they will not be coquettish for no reason; even if they are unhappy, men will be very loving to care for each other, for fearThe girl was a little unhappy.

And when the two gradually restored their relationship, in the process of falling in love, maybe they did n’t understand each other enough or they did n’t trust enough. Some of these misunderstandings began to occur, some were artificially misunderstood, some were unreasonable.

Some lovers need to coax and take care of each other before they feel the stability and existence of their emotions. If there is a situation that they cannot imagine, it will easily cause inner anxiety and a lot of psychological suspicions.

  For example, the man was drunk on socializing outside and drunk and called a woman. The woman thought that she didn’t contact herself so late that she thought he was looking for a lady and deliberately didn’t listen to the phone.

At this moment, the man has no mouth and can’t say clearly. It is very helpless to explain this situation.

Some men with a better character will explain patiently, and some men simply ignore them. Think of love as you think about it. If you explain the actual situation, you ca n’t believe it. What can I do?

Situations like this can only be said to be that one party has insufficient trust in the other party and the other party has insufficient understanding.

  For those who drink, 1, because of entertainment, it may not be what he wants to drink.

2. When you are drunk, no one cares, but you have to make a lot of troubles, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, slanders . Behind Jiuxing, there is a bunch of helplessness, and I also feel sad and desolate.Only sigh . I believe he wants the other person to understand him more.

  There are some other unreasonable incidents, such as: 1. Misunderstandings by borrowing questions: Hold on to a little bit of small things, zoom in infinitely, and find nothing to noisy.

Such a lover usually feels that part of the love is unstable, and he hopes that the other party can determine his part and value, which is why he wants to make trouble unreasonably.

  2. Intentional misunderstanding: Obviously the event is very clear, but the other party must imagine some of his understanding out of thin air, and these understandings are out of bounds and distorted. He confirmed that it must be a fact, which makes people cried and laughed.And hate, some bad-tempered people will not tolerate it, and may ignore the other party from now on.

Therefore, it is risky and unnecessary to test the category and value in lovers in this way.

There are misunderstandings when we get along with each other. If these misunderstandings do not harm the interests of both parties and there is no deception, why don’t we just rest on this and have to create some trouble?

Just to see if the other person knows you or cares about you?

  3. Misunderstanding based on subjective imagination: Some lovers create things based on their own subjective imagination, such as the existence of different customs and customs on both sides, or some local dialects do not understand, so he is disturbed and guesses what others have said to himDisadvantaged, or unwelcome, he hates him, and then jumps up and scolds.

In fact, it was just something that he had figured out, and he didn’t want the other party to give him a statement, saying that he didn’t agree.

Such people are unreasonable.

The reason is that he wants the other party to rule him out of his doubts, or that he feels that there are some disadvantageous factors to him. The reason may be that he is afraid of losing the other party and must be tied to the palm of his hand to be assured.

  If two people fall in love, do not know each other, get to know each other, love each other, there will be misunderstandings.

If you don’t understand enough, misunderstandings will follow.

But no one can coax and care for the other person every day, so that the other person’s mood is always sweet.

Therefore, in love, if you can’t experience some twists and turns, they are unstable feelings, and they may be lost at any time.

Those who want to keep their emotions, don’t use unreasonable ways to make trouble, change a way; “generosity, openness, contemplation, tolerance, understanding . and learn to appreciate each other.