I want to live longer

I want to live longer

The old saying goes: “A tree is full of roots, and a person is strong by feet.

The ancients knew that barefoot was closely related to health thousands of years ago.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the soles of the feet gather hundreds of nerve positions in the human body, and the twelve meridians all start from the feet. The organs and organs of the human body are closely related to the feet and have their own “projection areas”.

Walking or running on pebbles is equivalent to massaging the soles of the feet, which can stimulate the nervous system and endocrine system, make the blood flow unobstructed, exuberant secretion, the internal environment is highly harmonious, the muscles are flexible, and the gait is healthy and beautiful.

  There are “barefoot stepping stones therapy” abroad hundreds of years ago, the principle of which is basically the same as “pebblestone therapy”.

German scientist Knapp proposed that barefoot walking can prevent and treat many diseases, and is particularly effective for diseases of the nervous system (such as neurasthenia, insomnia, and depression).

Nursing homes in many countries around the world now use “barefoot walking” and “foot massage” to treat diseases of the nervous system, muscle joints, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Academician Mikulin of the former Soviet Union has proposed some new anti-aging methods, one of which is the “Land Contact Law”.

He pointed out: There is a potential between the earth and the ionosphere, and all living things have adapted to this environment.

The modernization of life has freed humans from negativeness and accumulated too much orthodontics in our bodies, which has made people susceptible to illness.

The solution is very simple, one end of a metal wire is fixed on the heating plate, and the other end is tied to the foot.

Mikulin said that he has always insisted on doing this. He has lived up to 90 years old, and can still maintain a vigorous energy at an advanced age.

  Further research by physicists and medical scientists enriched Mikulin’s theory.

From a physics perspective, man is a real power station, and cells are countless generators, which constantly generate electricity, which is bioelectricity.

If it is in a closed environment, electrical energy cannot be released, and it accumulates statically.

In order to prevent the harm of static electricity to human health, people can eliminate excess electrical energy by touching the ground.

For months, our ancestors walked barefoot and touched the land almost every day.

But then people put on shoes, which destroyed the balance of the human body’s electrical energy and the harm caused by static electricity to human health.

It is because we are out of the ground that we often feel sore legs and feet.

  Therefore, regular barefoot activities provide proper stimulation to the feet, regulate blood circulation in the feet and the whole body, promote metabolism, increase the function of the autonomic nerve and endocrine system, improve the body’s ability to adapt to external environmental changes, and strengthen the sensitivity of brain thinking.And memory are good; barefoot activity plays an important role in exercising the softness of joints.

Walking and jogging on cobblestones throughout the year can enhance respiratory function and cardiopulmonary function, can also promote blood circulation, improve blood circulation, reduce blood lipids, and can promote systemic metabolism, enhance human immune function, delay aging, and achieve health, health andThe purpose of delaying aging.

Barefoot exercises are also available on lawns, beaches and concrete.

But for those who start to exercise, it should not be carried out on rainy or cold days, so as to prevent the feet from getting cold and causing illness.