Why don’t men go home

Why don’t men go home

More than 80% of married men said that the maximum number of days they could go home on time in a week was two or three days.

  A married man once told reporters: To understand Shenzhen men, you must haunt in the night of Shenzhen; to understand Shenzhen married men, you must haunt in the night of Shenzhen.

  At 9:30 pm on July 3rd, the reporter “accompanyed” good friend Zhang Kunming (pseudonym) on Shenzhen Baden Street, known as “Sanlitun, Beijing,” and walked into the true color bar.

Not long after the bar was renovated, three-quarters of the seats in the performing arts bar in the lobby were full, and there was not much room left in the bar.

When we went up to the fourth floor, we could immediately try an atmosphere filled with alcohol and words.

By 10:30, there were more and more people in the bar.

The reporter observed roughly that the majority of men came here, the ratio of male to female was about 1: 1, and the appearance was correct. There were a lot of men who were “suspected” white-collar and gold-collar workers.Quite a proportion.

  ”This bar is known to all men in Shenzhen,” Zhang Kunming said.

Zhang is a law enforcement officer in Phuket Town. He has known the reporter for many years and is now divorcing his wife.

He knew the purpose of the reporter’s visit, so he co-ordinated his opinions on this topic. “Shenzhen men are tired when they work, but they are tired when they return home.

Everyone knows that Japanese men’s night life is very indulgent, because they work under pressure.

Why are Shenzhen men not good at it?

The difference is that in a patriarchal society like Japan, the wife will obey, at least accept the husband, the home is a harbor.

But in Shenzhen, want your wives to understand your pressure and distress?

It’s dreaming!

She will definitely turn her home into a battlefield.

“In China, Shenzhen people’s nightlife is already famous.

Reporters have visited many bars in Beijing. It should be said that the atmosphere of Shenzhen bars is not as good as Beijing, but the overcrowded scene is even better.

Like Baden Street, like Sea World, like Casablanca of Zhenxing Road; there are various KTVs, restaurants of various grades, and various people who use time as an excuse to relax.

  Recently, the reporter intended to interview some married men, and more than 80% of them said that in a week, they could go home on time for a maximum of two or three days.

When asked about the topic of “why don’t you like going home”, some said that the work pressure was so high that they would go home after work without choking me?

Some say that they do n’t want to quarrel with their wife, the best way is not to go home; some say that Shenzhen men are not fools, nor are they bored, and they do n’t have to go home to have their own difficultiesReason, this question is simple and simple, complex and complicated. There is no need to find a reason. The more you find it, the more tired it is. It is also easy for women to misunderstand.