Eliminate the eight misunderstandings and enjoy sex

Eliminate the eight misunderstandings and enjoy sex

There is a cross talk that says: You can do what you say, you can do it; you can’t do it, you can’t.

In sex, some men will be defeated, often by self-imitation “cognition”.

Based on many years of clinical experience, the author summarizes the following eight outstanding issues: over-expansion.

For example: “Tonight, I have an erection. I will not have a morning eruption tomorrow morning.

To exaggerate the occasional problem into the general situation is to over-generalize.

Penile erection is the result of multi-factor interaction under the regulation of nerves and endocrine, and is related to sensory stimuli such as touch, vision, hearing, and smell.

Occasionally without morning erection, it cannot be asserted that an erection is not good.


For example: “Don’t ask, I know how she feels.

Is she saying good things to coax me?

“This suspicion is a misunderstanding of your partner.

Couples need to be honest and open.

Especially in sex life, because there are many differences between men and women in terms of sexual psychology, sexual excitement, sexual response cycle, etc., it is even more important to listen to each other’s opinions and speak frankly about their feelings, and strengthen common exchanges and communication.

  Lack of initiative.

One of the most prominent manifestations of men’s lack of initiative in the sexual life of couples is their lack of self-confidence. They think that their partners’ words and deeds are only comforting themselves.

At this time, the wife should tell the other party “you are the best”, it is better to describe his pleasure in detail.

  Lack of sexual fantasies.

In sexual life, sexual fantasies are an important source of sexual sensation and the “engine” of sexual response.

Through sexual fantasies, sex can be turned into a hazy enjoyment, which promotes penile erections.

  Negative expectations.

For example: “I think the performance tonight is still bad.

“Men’s pessimism about erections and even sex is fatal.

This is also related to lack of sexual fantasies and lack of initiative.

  Feel free to infer.

For example: “No matter what others say, I don’t think my erection is good, it’s bad.

“Emotional cues refer to patients’ erection stiffness based on their own feelings.

  Discipline is too strict.

For example: “Every time I have sex, I must reach perfect hardness, and I must satisfy my lover.

“Men often demand themselves so much.

As everyone knows, occasional sexual dissatisfaction is related to fatigue and mood.

Relaxing, letting go of your baggage, and doing whatever you want can make you more comfortable in sex.

  Overburdened with thoughts.

For example: “If I can’t perform well tonight, my lover will abandon me.

“Most men regard poor sexual performance as a huge disaster, and once it happens, they will lose interest in life and work.

In fact, one or two failures are not terrible, and even the poor internal performance occurs again, you can also use oral medication, psychological counseling and other methods for treatment.