Bath health care 3

Bath health care 3

The fourth section of the steam bath steam bath refers to the heating of steam in a house with a special structure between the rooms, and people bathe in the diffuse vapor.

  Classical steam bath is to heat a few special stones on the fireplace or the stove in the bathroom, then extinguish the fire, splash water on the stone to produce steam. When the temperature and humidity reach a certain standard, you can enter the bath.

Modern steam baths are heated by a thermostatically controlled electric heater.

  Standard steam bath facilities should include the following sections: waiting room, changing room, shower room, wooden structure steam bath, greenhouse with cold water pool, lounge, replaceable washroom, some with massage room, artificial solarium, etc.
  Among the elderly, steam baths are a long-established traditional health care therapy.

It usually uses a steam fumigant table containing the drug, so it is intended to be introduced in the “medical bath” section.

This book briefly talks about the current international steam bath.

  Foreign countries take a steam bath in general as a “sauna” (sauna).

The situation varies from country to country, and the specific use is different. The more famous ones are Finnish bath, Roman bath, Turkish bath, Russian bath, Iran bath and Japanese bath.

According to the difference between the air temperature and the relative humidity of the bathroom, it can be summarized as a dry heat steam bath and a wet heat steam bath.

  Dry hot steam bath, such as Finnish bath, Roman bath, the bathroom interior temperature is higher, up to 80 ° C?
110 ° C, the relative humidity can be, about 20%?

  Wet hot steam bath, bathroom temperature is 40 ° C?
50 ° C, relative humidity is high, even up to 100%, Russian bath, Japanese bath is this type.

  First, the mechanism of action Chinese medicine believes that when the steam bath, people are located in the transpiration of hot and humid air, phlegm, mouth and nose at the same time, outside to the skin, internal and internal organs, have to support, can develop yang, excite the air, can nourish yin and moisten, diuresis and swelling.

I often bathe and reconcile the camp, calming and calming the nerves.

  Modern medical research has confirmed that the effect of steam bath on the human body is the dual effects of high temperature and air humidity and cold air or cold water stimulation.

It can promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, improve respiratory function and cardiovascular system function, help restore fatigue and repair the damaged tissue, and regulate the nervous system function.

  Second, the body bath method The steam bath implementation method and procedure are different from the general bathing, and its style is unique.

It is roughly divided into the following steps: (1) Prepare the bather to remove the clothes and enter the shower room. Wash the whole body with warm water, soap and dry it or blow it with hot air.

  (2) After entering the steam bath, according to the individual’s physical fitness and tolerance, the wooden grid panels of different heights on the four walls of the bathroom can be placed flat or seated, and the position can be constantly changed to evenly heat, and the body can be beaten after the board is softened.Produces mechanical stimulation and ambient air circulation.

Lasted 7?
15 minutes.

  (3) After cooling down to the whole body, go out of the steam bath and enter the greenhouse. Use 14 °C?
20 ° C cold water shower or soak 2?
In 3 minutes, you can also cool down with cold air outdoors or swim in rivers and lakes.

  (4) After repeated bathing, after a certain period of time to cool down, dry the body when there is no cold feeling, rest for 10 minutes, then enter the steam bath, stay and then leave the steam room to cool down.

So repeatedly rise, cool down 2?
5 times.

  Third, the application principle and should avoid the steam bath, it is appropriate to set the appropriate temperature, humidity and residence time according to individual circumstances.
Healthy people in a dry hot steam bath (temperature 80 ° C?
90 ° C, gas and moisture 20%?
40%) indoor, the average withstand time is about 17 minutes; in a hot and humid steam bath (40 ° C?
50 ° C, 80% moisture?
100%) indoors, can stay up to 19 minutes at a time.

  The temperature and duration of the cold water used for cooling varies from person to person, and in principle there is a recurrence of chills or discomfort.

It is best to end the bath with a warm hot water bath.
Rest for more than half an hour after bath, while drinking some light salt water or juice to replenish water and electrolytes.

  Each time the bath includes a break, it takes about 1.


5 hours, usually once a week.

  The precautions for steam baths are roughly the same as for cold and hot water baths.

Children and children should not take too long to take a bath, in 10 minutes; athlete training and 1 before the game?
2 days involved in a steam bath, but should be carried out after exercise.

  Contraindications for steam bath: acute inflammation, infectious diseases, high blood pressure, severe arteriosclerosis, diabetes complicated by ketoacidosis, hyperthyroidism, chronic alcoholism, epilepsy, renal failure, malignant tumors, and possibility of bleeding.