Women who can’t get married are mentally ill

Women who can’t get married are mentally ill

There are reasons for women to marry, and women have a lot of experience. Everyone has talked about objects, even N objects. They have a thorough understanding of men, have some prejudice against men, and have certain evaluation criteria.

After going through several emotional grinds, women generally have some psychological scars. Some scars are not caused by others, they are caused by torture themselves, and they are self-harm.

Sometimes women blame themselves, and they are unhappy with themselves, they always do a lot of things abruptly, and then they are hurt in their hearts.

  The reason why women can’t marry is that they have too high expectations. They always choose men like cosmetics, and use them when they are suitable. They should choose new brands when they are suitable.

Over time, all brands have been used, and they feel appropriate.

  That woman wants to marry Ruyi Langjun, and even if she has a lot of problems, she doesn’t want to find a faulty man. She has a permanent Prince Charming in her heart, but unfortunately she doesn’t come.

Some conditions of a woman occur. Finally, when she is unconditional, her face is full of vicissitudes, and after a glance of experience, the fish will begin to swim in the corner of her eyes. She has three or four bars on her neck, her legs have begun to fade, and her feet are hardened.
Women age not only on the neck, but also on legs and feet.

Psychologically older than physiological recovery.

  The youth flower season looked around and waited for Ruyi Langjun. The result was that several so-called Langjun were dissatisfied wolves.

Either they have the money to find a small run, or they play and run by themselves, or they are incompetent, or they are bragging, or they are the garish white-eyed wolf.

Love one to break up one, break up one and hate one, can’t wait for a thousand swordsman man, slowly forming in the mind the concept and understanding of a man is not a good thing.

  The mind is fleshy, not the ball can be patted arbitrarily, can’t stand torture.

  Women experience more emotions, telling themselves that no one is reliable, and no one can believe that the words of men are inaccurate, unreliable, and generally unrealizable.

Hem trying to lie to me is not so easy.

  Women have their own living habits, and even want to have someone when they are lonely. Although a person is needed when they are lonely, a man is really around, not only, but also a kind of tiredness because of time,The man who lived disrupted the tranquility of her single life. Many habits have been developed for many years and must be changed now.

Big women generally don’t want to change their way of life, so they quickly become divided and get bored.

  Women are single by themselves. When they have a man, they have to take care of the man and adapt to the man. The most important thing is to change the man. The love is very tired. The man tossing the man is also very tired, and the results are very tired.

Women are really tired, and they want to know everything, especially to find a man who has more experience than himself, and is more worried about men and foxes running away. Most women have been foxes, so they are most afraid of foxes, foxes are cute, so menFew seduces and seduces the vixen.

Women’s worries are not unreasonable, but the more women worry, the more closely they look at them. They manage men as prisoners and re-education through labor. They are tired of management and men are not free. Slowly, both people feel that the psychological burden is too heavy.Yes, bye.

  The mentality of a big woman is always less pure than that of a girl, because pure things are deceived, and vicissitudes and tears remain.

Big women are numb to love and just need marriage.

Marriage also needs security. Women always think of insecure factors and cannot reasonably and clearly recognize problems.

  A woman who cannot marry cannot be said to be not a good woman, and some psychological illness is true, because in a secular society, women always have to go through a lot to mature. Some experiences are not simple and have to pay a price, so women are sufferingWhen hurting, always put those bad things on the man, thinking that it was the man who caused her harm.

Without taking my own scale, women are the easiest to hurt themselves. Isn’t all the way out?

  Many big women are more radical, even paranoid, and even eccentric in life. They are free to get used to marrying people, but they are not used to it!