Four tips for creating a moist woman


Four tips for creating a moist woman

[Introduction]How can I have healthy skin without requiring too much tedious work?

In addition to doing basic maintenance sooner or later, what other methods can make the skin glow?

Experts said that with a little conditioning, you can have the watery skin of your dreams. Of course, it is you who are hydrated and beautiful.

  The characteristics of a moist woman are a delicate dry face. Reasons: The weather is cold and the basic elements of the body such as yin, yang, qi, and blood will be relatively insufficient, resulting in weakness, decreased resistance, and wasteful regeneration and regeneration.

When the meridians reach the head and face, problems occur because the impetus of qi and blood weakens.

  The specific manifestations are: erythema on the skin, accompanied by skin peeling (emphasis on the mouth, around the nose), very itchy and uncomfortable.

The focus of conditioning is to nourish qi and blood.

  Food supplement menu: persimmon and jujube soup to take astragalus 15?
30 grams, 10 grams of jujube, 30 grams of lily and stew together, time 30?
After 40 minutes, serve with soup strips.

Among the three raw materials, astragalus is warm and has the function of invigorating qi. Jujube is a good product for nourishing blood and invigorating the spleen and stomach.

The combination of the three is very beneficial to patients with deficiency of qi and blood, can relieve fatigue, fear of cold symptoms, and can also moisturize the skin.

  Daily care: 1. Do not overheat the water when washing your face. Use moisturizing skin care products suitable for skin types without irritation.

  2, regular daily, avoid excessive mental stress and ensure adequate sleep.

  Watery woman features two plump lips with dry lips. Reason: “The spleen is open to the mouth, and its bloom is on the lips.

“Means that the color of the lips is closely related to the movement of the spleen, so strengthening the spleen is the key to preventing chapped lips.

The lack of vitamins in the body and the dry climate also make lips easy to crack.

  Food supplement menu: 1, animal liver.

Chinese medicine pays attention to the internal organs, such as eating “chicken gold”.

  2. Yam.

Rich in nutrition, containing free amino acids, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, has a tonic effect, has been a good tonic since ancient times, and has a variety of food methods.

  3. Soy sprouts, rapeseed, pakchoi, white radish and other fresh vegetables supplemented with vitamins.

  Daily care: 1. Apply lip balm frequently. Other oils can also be used instead.

  2. Don’t always lick your tongue when your lips are cracked, this will accelerate the occurrence of cracks.

  3. Wear a mask to keep the temperature and humidity of the lips.

  Hydrating woman features three smooth and dry body reasons: dry climate, reduced sebum secretion from the skin, and improper daily care (such as additional bathing and vigorous rubbing) will also cause a large amount of sebum loss.

  Symptoms are mainly concentrated on the extended side of the calf, which continuously scratches the skin. The extended side of the lower leg is prone to scratches and crusts, the skin is painful, and it is difficult to compound.

  Food supplement menu: Allow foods rich in vitamin a and vitamin c: 1, honey.

Contains zinc, magnesium and other trace elements are important ingredients for skin bodybuilding.

  2. Sea cucumber.

Contains halogens, sulfur and other ingredients, is a constituent substance to resist muscle aging.

  3. Dried fruits.

Contains linoleic acid, which is called “creatine” and can treat dry skin.

  4. Fruit.

Rich in vitamins, it is an important substance for moisturizing the skin and regulating metabolism.

  Daily care: 1. Do not take too much bath, bath water should not be too hot, do not rub the skin too much with soap.

  2. After bathing, apply skin care lotion to your body within 5 minutes while your pores are open.

  The characteristics of the moisturizing woman are four reasons for the dryness of the nails: the area of the nails is the place where the blood and blood network meet, which is closely related to the human internal organs, blood and meridians.
Insufficient liver yin will cause nail problems. If the nails are cracked and sunken, it may also be a manifestation of severe iron deficiency anemia.

  Food supplement menu: 1, nuclear loquat.
Take 5 walnut kernels, 30 grams of raw land, add water to decoction, twice a day, eat often to nourish the kidney and yin.

  2. Eat foods rich in protein and containing vitamins a and d.

Such as beef, animal liver, eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables and so on.

  Daily care: 1. Allow the nails to be fully exposed to the air for normal breathing and metabolism.

  2, usually pay attention to the cleaning of the hand nails to avoid excessive contact with alkaline substances.

  3. Proper massage of nails, promote blood circulation, provide more nutrients for nails, and make nails have natural luster.

  It is not difficult to be a hydrating woman. The hard part is to be sharp-headed to cope with the ever-changing workplace and various tests in life; to be handsome and to win more people’s love and better development opportunities;Be considerate to please the husband and his family.

So it is much simpler to be a moist woman in name.