Smart job hunting society calls are key

Smart job hunting society calls are key

Today, as one of the most convenient communication tools, the telephone is repeatedly used for the initial communication between the two parties.

“Calling” is a lesson everyone in the workplace should learn.

  Scenario 1: After seeing the advertisement, Sunny bought a recruitment newspaper at a newsstand at 5pm and found a favorite position.

In order to contact the recruiter as soon as possible, he immediately called the other party: “Hey, is this the company ××?

I read the newspaper and wanted to come for an application . “Before she finished speaking, the other person said that the person in charge of the Human Resources Department was in a meeting and it was almost time to get off work.She will be contacted the next day.

  Easy job search: Sunny didn’t find the right person at the right time. Active calling turned into passive waiting. It was a very failed job application.

The correct phone application should pay attention to the following points: 1.

Select the appropriate talk time.

Approximately, you should call during business hours. Generally, 9:30 am?
11:00 and 1:30 pm?
Appropriate interval between 4:30.

In addition, in the dispatch that just went to work, the other party will be shorter, and when extended to work, they will return to their hearts and work unintentionally, and you should avoid driving these sensitive dispatches.


Find the right person.

Job seekers should pay attention to the names of the contacts in the advertisements, avoid transfers or misconnections, and even leave a confused impression.


Find a quiet environment.

Don’t make phone calls in the hustle and bustle or in a noisy environment, to avoid missing and repeating narratives.


Get ready for the call.

Although it is a simple application, you still need to prepare questions so as not to miss them.

If required, the number of recruiters.

Briefly summarize your own specialties and skills that are good for the position, and concisely introduce your experience.

Ask about recruitment process, interview time, employment time, etc.

  Scene 2: Sudden telephone interview Liao Yuanzheng was shopping and suddenly received a telephone interview from a company.

At this time, there is background music in the mall and the noise of the crowd, which is not good for the interview.

So Liao Yuan politely told the other party: “I’m sorry, I’m outside and the environment is noisy. Can I call you back in 10 minutes?

“The other party agreed and left the phone.

  Easy job search: After receiving resumes, many companies will conduct preliminary screening through telephone interviews to save time.

The telephone interview will prepare several purposeful questions, including the background of verifying the candidate, and examining the language skills of the candidate.

Talk time is generally 15?
About 20 minutes.

Regardless of whether the company has a telephone interview interruption, in order to obtain a winning rate, it is better for job seekers to be fully prepared for emergencies.

This way, you can have a smooth conversation when you suddenly receive a call.

If something happens when you answer the phone, the above job seeker’s approach is worth learning from, and you can also use the “time difference” to sort out your ideas.

“Hello,” “May I ask,” “Thank you,” and other polite phone phrases can give you an impression.

In addition, the telephone interview should also do the following: 1.

Keep your resume to answer questions.
If you have a resume on hand when you answer the phone, remember to take it out and answer the question instead.

First, the interviewer will perform regular resume information verification.

For some job seekers who have changed careers many times and have complex work experience, comparing resumes can avoid several false reports and time of job change, so as not to leave an “dishonest” impression.

Prepare paper and pen on hand.

Sometimes the company will come up with some small technical or logical questions for the applicant to answer. There is a pen and paper on hand for easy recording and calculation.


Pay attention to the speed of speech.

People’s speech speed varies greatly. Pay attention to the speed of the interviewer.

If the interviewer speaks relatively slowly, you should give up the usual fast way of speaking and move in sync with the other party’s speed.

At the same time, be careful not to rush to talk, wait until the other party’s question is completed before answering.

In addition, don’t rush out when answering, and don’t just answer “yes” or “good”.


Control tone and intonation.

When speaking, be humble, gentle in tone, concise and clear-cut.

And the tone and attitude should also cooperate with each other, so that the two sides can communicate happily.

  Scenario 3: Tommy responding to a headhunter with a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan suddenly receives a call from a headhunter.

The other party first asked whether Tommy would have XX technology. After waiting for a positive answer, he said, “Now there are not many people who have XX technology in the market and have 6 years of experience. The current monthly salary is 1.

50,000 yuan position, are you interested?

Tommy answered humbly: “I left to lose money to the current company.

In fact, there will be more technical people, my classmates and colleagues around me will.

“It’s easy to find a job: Tommy’s approach is too modest and denies his value; it is also unwise to think that it is too soon to reject a position that doubles his monthly salary.

To receive a headhunting call, you should first maintain a good relationship with a headhunting consultant.

Do n’t reject the trade even if you do n’t plan to change jobs at the moment. Second, learn about the background of the headhunting company through dialogue, confirm the credibility and professionalism of the company, and understand the professionalism of the headhunter. Third, listen to job information and requirements.Market conditions, a good way to fully understand self-worth.

  Scenario 4: Query results Li Ming believes that the first round of interviews answered well, and there should be retest results.

However, the call was not answered after 3 days.

Anxious, he couldn’t help but call the other party: “Hey, hello, this is Li Ming. I would like to ask if your second round of retesting has started?

“Sorry, our re-examination has begun. If you have not received the notice, you have not entered the second round of interviews.

“The company side simply rejected Li Ming.

  Easy job search: If you do not accept the notice of re-attending the interview, it means that this application failed, even if you call to ask, it is irreparable.

Of course, if you think that the first interview has left a deep impression on the other party, and the two sides have enjoyed the conversation, then it will not prevent you from calling.

One thing to keep in mind is to find the interviewer who spoke to you that day.

Because there are usually many interviewers interviewing different people, you must find the one who talks with you, then report your name, remind him of the scene on the interview day, and when he remembers it, he can give you a realreason.