Recommended – three foods are best for winter detoxification

Recommended: three foods are best for winter detoxification

Endotoxin refers to the various dialysis that the body produces after metabolism.

There are two main reasons for the accumulation of human toxins: one is too much toxin itself, and the other is that people are old or some organs are sick, and the toxins cannot be replaced in time.

Once the body is too much toxins, constipation, excessive, coronary heart disease and other diseases are not invited.

The main signals of toxin accumulation in the body are dizziness, irritability, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, constipation and so on.

  There are many toxins in the human body, mainly including water poisoning, fat poisoning, silting, poisoning, gas poisoning, fire poisoning and so on.

Among them, the most important relationship with obesity is water poisoning and lipotoxicity.

  Water poison: It is the most serious for elderly people.

Common symptoms are reduced urination, deep color, irregular bowel movements, and easy edema in the lower body.

  Lipotoxicity: Eat too greasy, liver cells will be slightly obese, and the liver will not work properly.

  How to do your own detoxification according to the regularity of Chinese medicine at 12 o’clock in the morning, from morning (卯, 5-7), noon (noon, 1-3 pm), evening (酉, 5-7 pm) for the large intestineAfter the small intestine, the kidney is ordered, you can drink more water or green tea to urinate.

  Keep your body “three links” big, urinating and perspiration is the body’s natural detoxification pipeline, and you should always keep it open.

A large amount of 50% of the body’s toxins can be excreted from the body, and the habit of regular bowel movements should be established. Modern people should be separated for three times in two days.

In fact, eating at least 1 kg of vegetables a day, a meal of coarse grains, can keep you away from constipation.

  The three kinds of foods are most suitable for winter detoxification: ginger ginger is spicy, can make the body produce heat, and increase metabolism, consume body transformation, eliminate toxins, and achieve weight loss.

In addition, ginger can help with bowel movements and improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

  People who want to lose weight in winter can drink a cup of hot ginger black tea, which not only can keep warm, but also increase metabolic rate, consume metabolism in the body, have weight loss effect, and gradually improve physical fitness.

After 3 meals, drink 400cc ginger black tea or drink on an empty stomach, or lose weight with food. It is said that about 1 kilogram may be lost in 3 days.

Ginger black tea is suitable for eating too much, bad metabolism, too much trace, people with cold hands and feet and constipation drink!

  Cabbage is dry in winter, and the cold wind is very harmful to human skin.

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, E, eat more cabbage, can be connected in good skin care and beauty effects.

In addition, cabbage may ingest fiber, can detoxify the intestines, and the pectin contained in cabbage can help the body to eliminate excess cholesterol.

  Two pieces of cabbage, three celery, half a spoonful of rice vinegar, seasoned with sugar, and seasoned with salt.

Remove the hard core of the cabbage, cut into filaments, cut the celery into small pieces; put the chopped cabbage and celery into the container, and pour the stirred rice vinegar.

This folk remedy has a substantial effect on the lower body edema and the modification of the leg curve.

  There are two points to note in cabbage: one is cooked cabbage overnight, even if it is heated, it should be eaten or not eaten; the second is that unsalted cabbage can not be eaten.

Fresh cabbage contains a large amount of non-toxic nitrates. If it is left for a long time after being cooked, the nitrates are reduced to highly toxic nitrites due to the action of bacteria.

  Radish, sweet and sour, cool, have the effect of lowering the breath, relieving cough, dissolving, dispelling, dispelling, benefiting the urine and detoxification.

  Radish contains glucose, sucrose, fructose, double-stranded ribonucleic acid and multivitamins, trace elements, can regularly increase intestinal tension, increase intestinal peristalsis, replace the survival time of food in the body, and facilitate food metabolism and waste discharge., do not have to diet to achieve the effect of dieting.

The trace metabolites contained in radish, cellulose fiber, tend to produce a feeling of fullness after eating, which all contribute to weight loss.

  If you can eat 50-100 grams of raw radish per meal, you will receive unexpected benefits.