Who can be the winner of the relationship?

Who can be the winner of the relationship?

If a woman regards the status of “wife” as supreme honor and treats other women, then it is better for her family to stand still and guard herself like a jade, but is it possible?

The main structure of a man’s rationality is for utilitarian purposes. Because his goals are clear, he will distinguish women’s categories, such as maternal love, mistress, virtuous wife, red powder, etc., naturally in his different life stages and social needs.Inviting bees and butterflies.

The “lost” of a man is betrayal in the eyes of a woman, and it can easily rise to emotional smuggling. Since then, that “third party” has become the executioner of this marriage.

However, as long as the wife ‘s troubles are more severe, in addition to pushing a man out faster, it often strengthens the relationship between the “dog and the man”. As a result, the two people are in conflict and the wife becomes a “third party of affection”.”Believe it or not?

For example, when the director’s husband and actress of a female writer in Taiwan were together, the writer’s wife wrote an open letter with her professional writing and scolded two people, forcing the two talented and beautiful women not to consolidate into one. It seems that they are a little sorry for the hearts of the public.Looking forward to the love of seas and rocks, they really live up to expectations. For more than ten years and 20 years, they have made extraordinary glass art and become a story. Who else cares about this marriage?

  Feelings are unclear, a baby looks at his or her own standard of pleasing eyes, but he may not just smile at his mother!

He also showed delight to other beautiful aunts.

So sometimes if a woman does n’t understand emotions, morals, loyalty or even commitment, she will surround herself with the ugly situation of mad bite. In the past, it was understandable that women felt panic because of their livelihood dependence.Her survival is fundamental. Do women still need to do this today?

  In this way, no matter how smart a woman looks at her husband ‘s extramarital affairs, she should not put herself in the contradiction of the “third party of emotions”, instead of choosing to leave with understanding, only to ignore and give to herselfMore beautiful Lili life, “wife” identity is just a role.

  If you see a Japanese woman who is unable to divorce, and some have to insist on burying her husband instead of burying her after death, then you know how happy and glad that you can decide whether you want this man or not.


  On the other hand, the surviving ownership “marriage is the grave of love”, no longer talking about love, nor allowing her husband to talk about love, is an attitude that does not respect others.

A husband and wife are just like other interpersonal relationships. There is no need to go wrong and they have to end in one. If a woman still wants to treat a man as his entire world, of course, he will have to bear the consequences of his actions.

  In fact, no matter whether men or women, when one day really becomes a “third party of affection”, whoever can leave smartly will be the winner!