Barley’s magical whitening effect

Barley’s magical whitening effect

In the beauty skin care forum-the leading position of this beauty information, the white rice whitening suddenly blew up like a spring breeze. In the end, does white rice whitening have a whitening effect? If there is any effect, how can it be better? How to avoid its replacementArticle to answer.

  (1) The best anti-cancer product, fragrant rice, the self-introduction of barley, barley, also known as barley, barley, barley, is a commonly used Chinese medicine, but also a common and commonly eaten food.

  Ingredients The main ingredient is protein, vitamins B1, B2.

  Role: 1.

It is good for water swelling, spleen dehumidification, soothing muscles and removing paralysis, clearing heat and removing pus, etc. It is a commonly used medicine for diuresis and dampness.


For hair: It has the function of nourishing hair, preventing hair loss, and softening hair.


For skin: smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, eliminate pigment spots.

It has obvious curative effects on facial acne and rough skin. In addition, it has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays, and its extracts can be added to cosmetics to achieve sun protection and ultraviolet protection effects.


In addition, coix seed is a kind of meat, boiled or cooked in water, which is more conducive to the absorption of the stomach, people who often feel tired and weak, can eat more.

Kernels are rich in proteolytic enzymes, which can soften the skin’s horny skin, and have a long-term effect on those who have too much sludge on the skin and are rough and not smooth.

  PS: Regarding the statement of the 薏米 论坛 mm, I went to Tongrentang today to see acne. By the way, I asked about 苡 米.

  A lot of JM said that 苡 米 can whiten, lose weight or something, so I bought it.

Later, some people said that Mi Mi was too cold and not good for the body, so I went to Tongrentang today to ask a doctor.

  The doctor said that indica rice is mainly dehumidifying, and it can indeed whiten, and it can also treat the humerus.

Also said that indica rice is a very good thing, there will be no extra food if you eat too much!

There is also a need to buy domestic rice, not imported ones, the effect of domestic production is better!

Be sure to pay attention when you buy it!

  I also asked about the raw and cooked rice. The doctor said that it is the same. If it is powder, it does not matter. If it is one by one, it must be cooked.

  (2) Talking about the experience of Forum mm.

I bought mung bean flour and barley flour on the street the day before yesterday, and I made a mask that night. When I got up the next morning, I felt that my skin was not burdened and greasy at first.Great effect.

Because a beanie that I destroyed destroyed a large bag, I applied it with a mask for one night, and the next day I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bag was gone. The most important thing was that it was really painful.

  Third, colleagues have said that the skin is much brighter and the skin tone is very good. I think this is the role of barley flour.

Chinese medicine says: moisturize the skin, say goodbye to spots, prevent hair loss, and also have a dieting effect.

  My specific approach is: 1.

Wash two things and soak them overnight.


Dried or controlled.


Fry over low heat for two hours until the barley kernels turn slightly yellow and the mung bean flour becomes ripe.


Process the fried mung beans and barley kernels into flour-like powder.

While making the mask, I added the two powders together and added sugar to the red bean paste. After freezing, I ate them. The taste was really good.

With such a two-pronged approach, the skin is really much better.


Voice Two diving in this jar saw that there were too many sisters boasting a good meal.
Then went to the pharmacy with interest.
  After I went home, I drank it every day and mixed it with a slag to make a mask. It lasted for about half a month. Today my little sister came to see me and said that my skin was much better.After rubbing the cream, everything else is useless.

HOHO, so happy ~~~.

  First stir fry for two hours until slightly yellow, and finally use a small stone to grind, the traditional method, this grinding effect is very good!

Can be applied externally and internally, externally: use water and locust nectar to mix and place the mask. Internally, it can be used for porridge and water.

, C.
At the beginning of Sound Three, the whitening effect was not obvious, but the effect on body swelling was unexpectedly good.

I’m not fat, but my body always feels fat, my face is round, and the outline is not sharp.

But after drinking Coix Seed Tea, the effect of swelling is obvious.

I found out after a few weeks that my calves were thinner and I was very surprised!

My face is not so swollen now.

  The effect of whitening was gradually shown after persisting for more than a month.

Now the race is really brighter than before, and it can’t be said that it has become very white, but the complexion has really brightened a lot.

However, everyone should pay attention that this barley kernel powder must be interrupted during menstruation and pregnancy, otherwise it will be bad for the body.

  (3) Honey and milk rice noodles mask 150 grams of rice noodles, immersed in pure water for three hours, preferably mineral water, then boil the water until the water is boiling, turn off the heat, pour the water into a large bowl, and lower the temperatureAt about 20 degrees, add two spoonfuls of honey and half a cup of milk, stir, cool, and put in the refrigerator.

After washing your face at night, apply this water-blister paper film for 20 minutes, and pat your neck with water at the same time, your face will look very good the next day, and your skin will become clearer and the pores will be much finer one month later.

  Materials: 1.

Mi Ren (also known as Indica, Indica, Mi Ren, available in supermarkets and Chinese pharmacies) 2.

Milk (fresh milk, skim milk is preferred, yogurt, fruit milk, milk powder, coffee mate is not suitable) 3.

Honey (ordinary honey is sufficient, and those who are allergic to honey should be used with caution) 4.

Pure water (both mineral water and plain water) 5.

Paper film (supermarket, cosmetics store, beauty salon, KOSE counter, online store combined sale, depending on economic ability to buy.

)step 1.

Wash about 100 grams of indica rice. (Everyone generally reflects that it is easy to deteriorate if you do too much at one time, so it is better to reduce the amount) 2.

Put indica rice in a pot, put 4 times water (preferably mineral water), and soak for three hours.


Put the top pot DD on the stove, boil on low heat and cook for another 10 minutes and turn off the heat (it is better to cook a little) 5.

Pour the boiled water from the above pot (hereinafter referred to as barley water) into a container (preferably a container such as a bottle that can be closed).

You can eat indica rice or dispose of it in the refrigerator.


Take it out of the refrigerator when you need it, find a clean small bowl, pour a little rice water, a little milk, a spoonful of honey, stir well, 7.

Put the masking paper in the agitated water and soak it in 8.

Leave the mask on your body for 20 minutes9.

Remove the mask and sleep.