Workplace Funny: Top 10 Recipes for Pay Increases

Workplace Funny: Top 10 Recipes for Pay Increases

Part one: When you meet a leader, you must show a smile, no matter what happens.

There is a strict requirement for this laugh.

First of all, laughter cannot be too contrived, it must be absolutely natural.

Essentially, there should be no more than eight teeth when smiling.

In the end, laugh more softly, not too rudely, or it will be counterproductive.

  Part two: Absolute obedience to leadership. Leaders are always right. The words of leaders are truth and do not need to be tested by practice.

Remember, this is very important.

  Part 3: People like to listen to good words, and leaders are no exception.

Therefore, if you want to be promoted, you must learn to speak and learn to speak well.

The point of understanding is to learn how to slap the horse.

Don’t underestimate your three-inch tongue, its impact on career is profound.

  Part 4: When talking with the leader, the voice should not be too loud, it is best not to exceed 70 decibels.

The voice is too loud or even impolite, and it is easy to have quarrels.

  Part 5: Protect the safety of leaders.

With the leaders, we should rescue when we are in danger; if we are in danger, we must also be rescued.

  Part 6: As long as the leader needs it, he must be on call at any time, not sloppy.

This will help develop a good feeling for the leader and make the leader feel that you are very dedicated.

  Remedy 7: Find out the details of leadership, especially the leaders’ hobbies, and their interests are well known.

You think that if you master the leaders’ preferences, you can make the leaders happy, and once the leaders are happy, you can’t do without promotion.

  Part Eight: When the festival is celebrated every year, we must give out some real “meaning” leadership.

This “meaning” is also about art.

Don’t go straight, be euphemistic, and be subtle.

Otherwise, the clean image of the leader will be destroyed, and the career path is worrying.

  Part Nine: When there is difficulty for the leader, he should solve his problems in time.

“Go up to the mountain, go down to the sea of fire” is necessary;

Only in this way can the leadership’s trust be fully gained.

  Remedy 10: When you go to a banquet with the leader, you must truly “I ‘ll go first before the leader, let ‘s see if the road is smooth;stomach.

At the same time, at the banquet, it is best to talk less. When you have to say something, you have to say good things.