See how far you are from the devil’s body?

See how far you are from the devil’s body?

Excessive obesity makes the body unfeasible, inconvenient, and more importantly affects health.

However, such as the height and weight of a woman, the proportion of limbs and trunks, etc., is in line with the standard of bodybuilding?

In this regard, relevant experts and scholars conducted a gradual study and concluded a set of measurement standards that are more suitable for women’s bodybuilding.


Upper and lower body ratio: With the navel as the boundary, the upper and lower body ratio should be 5:8, in line with the “golden division” law.


Bust: The bust is measured by the bottom of the hip and the fullest part of the buttocks. It should be half of the height.


Waist: Under normal conditions, the thinnest part of the waist.

The waist circumference is 20 cm smaller than the bust.


Hip circumference: the pubic bone in front of the body is parallel to the largest part of the buttocks.

The circumference is 4 cm larger than the bust.


Thigh circumference: at the uppermost part of the thigh, under the hip line.

The thigh circumference is 10 cm smaller than the waist circumference.


Calf circumference: the most plump place in the calf.

The calf is 20 cm small around the leg.


Foot neck circumference: at the thinnest part of the neck.

The neck circumference is 10 cm smaller than the smaller leg.


Upper arm circumference: in the middle between the shoulder joint and the elbow joint.

The upper arm circumference is equal to half of the thigh circumference.


Neck circumference: the thinnest part in the middle of the neck.

The neck circumference is similar to the calf circumference.


Shoulder width: The distance between the shoulders.

The shoulder width is equal to half of the bust minus 4 cm.

  The beauty of the bones is well-proportioned and moderate.

That is, when the head and neck are vertical, the longitudinal axis of the torso and the foot are on the same vertical line; the shoulder is slightly wider, the ratio of the head, the trunk, the limbs, and the connection of the head, neck, and chest are moderate.

  Muscle beauty lies in flexibility and coordination.

Being too fat or too thin, shoulders, buttocks, buttocks, and some parts of the body’s muscles are too thin or too developed, can not be called muscle beauty.

  The beauty of the race is delicate, shiny, flexible, and feels velvety when touched. It looks best in light rose.