Zhishidaozhi pill for constipation and dysentery

Zhishidaozhi pill for constipation and dysentery

Fang Yuan: “Discussion on Internal and External Injury” “Treatment of hot and humid things must not be applied, but be full and disturbed.”

  组成:大黄 一两[9g] 枳实 麸炒 神曲 炒各五钱[各9g] 茯苓 黄芩 黄连 白术 各三钱[各6g]  泽泻 二钱[6g]  用法:研为细末,汤浸蒸饼For pills, such as sycamore seeds, 50 pills to 70 pills (6-9g) per serving, delivered in warm water, modern usage of alimentation plus or minus: water pan pellets, 6-9g per serving, warm waterSend off twice a day.

  Fang Song: Zhishi Daojiu rhubarb, Qilian Qushu Fulingxiang, Zexie steamed cake paste pills, damp heat accumulation stagnant energy.

  Indications: hot and humid food product, full abdominal pain, swelling, constipation, red cheeks under the cheeks, heavy after anxiety.

  Function: digestion and stagnation, clearing away heat and dampness.