Seeing a person’s character from a favorite hobby

Seeing a person’s character from a favorite hobby

Some people like collecting certificates of merit, some people like collecting newspapers and magazines, and some people like collecting photos . From Freud’s projection theory, different collecting hobbies are a projection of a person’s views on the real situation.

  People who recognize the symbol of honor items are usually dissatisfied with their current situation and always think that their former glory should not be destroyed so quickly.

Such people can only bear the memory of the glorious history of the past to soothe their hearts.

  People who collect books, magazines and newspapers are knowledgeable and self-motivated. They like to enjoy reading at home. They are alone and enjoy themselves.

Although there are many books and abundant information, most of them are outdated, but they still want to be these to show their erudition, so they are always half a shot behind others in real life.

  People who collect photos and postcards like to remember the past, and the photos bring them closer to the people or scenery in memory.

These people take their lives as a play, write and act and film, strive to create perfection, appreciate the results, and accept everything.

  People who collect art and antiques pay more attention to their social status and identity; because the grade and value of the collection are a taste and gaze between collectors, their competitiveness is very strong.

  Those who collect tourist souvenirs are determined by the characteristics of their collections. They are constantly pursuing freshness, strangeness and weirdness, and have the courage to explore the seclusion. In order to pursue collections that are satisfactory to them, they are willing to take risks.Footprint.

  Those who collect toys are content and content, and their home is their happiest place. Their peaceful and peaceful life is their greatest enjoyment; they are nostalgic for the past, proud of everything they have, and always use a childishThe heart stirs excitement and happiness.

  The people who collect the old bills have strong organizational and leadership abilities, are clear-cut and step-by-step, but a lot of them are wasted in useless details and meaningless processes. Sometimes they think it is a precautionary plan, but they are actually worried.

Occasionally, they have the idea of looking for excitement, but considering the numerous details are always unable to act, their lives are almost constant.